I am the President and CEO of WWWoods & Co. Limited.

I am the President and CEO of Independent Review Inc.


I am co-founder and co-owner of Canada's first and only "Hedge Fund Hotel"


Stock Exchange Experience

From November 2007 until Janaury 2013, I consulted to the Canadian National Stock Exchange which is operated by CNSX Markets Inc.  Acting as Managing Director - Listed Market I assisted the CNSX to successfully rebrand itself, to get internationally recognised, and - through the development of a national sales and marketing team - to grow the number and types of listed securities.

From 1988 to 1992, I provided legal and consulting advise to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (including acting as the first in-house counsel for a couple of years and assisting to prepare and issue the Red Book listing rules). More recently my consulting work for the HKEx has included a review of the Listing Regime, preparing a consultation document on the regulation of intermediaries in the IPO process, and preparing an expanded Code of Conduct on Corporate Governance for listed companies.

In 2003 I assisted the DIFX in Dubai to prepare their Listing Rules.

From August 1995 to December 2001, I was the first Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). I helped transform the BSX into the world's premier, fully electronic, offshore securities market.

Prior to joining the BSX, I was a Director and founding partner of The International Securities Consultancy (ISC) - http://www.isc-global.com/ - a unique consulting group based in Hong Kong and London that specializes in advising on the development of both emerging and mature securities markets. I have provided consulting advice on the establishment and development of exchanges in several countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, China, the Philippines and Russia. I advised on the development of the all new, fully electronic National Stock Exchange of India.

Whilst at ISC I also provided advice to a number of international development agencies including the World Bank, The International Finance Corporation and the Asian Development Bank.

My work at CNSX, HKEx, DIFX and the BSX has included extensive work in the Listings area, including intensive sales and marketing to attract new listings, preparing new listing rules, and regulating listed issuers.

B2B Experience

In 1999, I co-authored the international bestseller "B2B Exchanges: The Killer Application in the Business-to-Business Internet Revolution" and in 2002 I wrote and published "B2B Exchanges 2.0: Not all e-markets are dot-bombs". I continue to write articles and give interviews and speeches on B2B exchanges.

As part of Bermuda's Electronic Commerce initiative, I served as a member of the E-commerce Advisory Board - which advises the Bermuda Government - and I was the Chairman of BIBA's Legal Initiatives sub-committee. In these roles I assisted the Bermuda Government to draft and implement the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 and Code of Conduct, in order to facilitate the development of e-commerce in Bermuda.

I have advised a Canadian Crown Corporation on electronic invoicing and bill payment.

I have built and own an IRCExtranet and BoardCloud that provide secure, online document vaults for corporate books and records.

Legal Qualifications

I am a lawyer, admitted in Bermuda (as a Barrister and Attorney) and, England, Wales and Hong Kong (as a solicitor).  I am an Associate Member of the Canadian Bar Association.

Prior to founding ISC, I was a solicitor with Linklaters & Paines in Hong Kong where I specialized in corporate finance work including the listing of companies on the HKeX.


I used to be the author of a Specialist Blog on Offshore Financial Centres, called BizOffshore (www.bizoffshore.com).

Having lived and worked in Hong Kong and Bermuda and advised on the development of a number of other offshore jurisdictions (including Labuan), I know a good deal about offshore financial centers.

SARAH BARHAM: Consultant

Sarah Barham is a consultant with WWWoods and Co and works with clients on fund raising, event conceptualisation and execution, publications, and media planning.

Sarah has more than 25 years of experience in the publishing and events business, predominantly in the financial services industry.  

Sarah founded ISI Publications in Hong Kong in 1991, a specialist financial publishing company that went on to publish more than 200 titles on subjects such as the regulation of capital markets, mutual funds, hedge funds and e-commerce. Notably, building the Practitioners Guide and Capital Guide imprints, several subscription journals on hedge funds and capital markets developments, as well as a 24-7 real-time web editing service.  In her role as Managing Editor, Sarah acted as ghost writer, editor, production chief, and directed all marketing campaigns.

In 1999, ISI published the bestseller B2B Exchanges (Woods and Sculley). This ground-breaking title climbed the Amazon.com business best-seller list, ultimately selling 75,000 copies and being translated into six languages.

In 2003, Sarah co-founded the “Hedge Fund Hotel” in Toronto and went on to host a series of seminars and networking events in the hedge fund space.  The team at the HFH also hosted capital introduction meetings for Canadian asset managers, several in Toronto, and then expanding to Bermuda, Montreal and London. In 2008, Sarah initiated the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, to acknowledge the depth of expertise in the Canadian alternative asset industry and to bring that expertise to the attention of the global investor industry.

For the last five years, Sarah has been engaged by Business Bermuda to promote Bermuda as an offshore jurisdiction to the financial community in Toronto through an annual conference and associated media and meetings.

Sarah is currently consulting with a not-for-profit in the GTA called SKETCH. SKETCH works to connect with homeless and marginalized youth through a wide variety of arts programs. Her current mandate is to raise awareness and funds for the Capital Campaign.

Sarah also works with authors to ghost write, edit and design books, and then develops a distribution and marketing plan for each title.